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Please Note: at NHSA we do not communicate with members through third parties due to the stipulations of the PoPI Act (Act 4 of 2013) 


Accredited with SAPS as Hunting and as Sport Shooting Association

FAR Nr Hunting - 1300050  -  FAR Nr Sport Shooting - 1300088


Contact Details:

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or send us an email:

New Membership enrolment accounts@natshoot.co.za

Renewal of membership - renewals@natshoot.co.za or admin@natshoot.co.za

Dedicated Courses and Status - dedstatus@natshoot.co.za

Endorsements - endorse@natshoot.co.za 

Postal Shoots & Scores - scores@natshoot.co.za

Activities - activities@natshoot.co.za or records@natshoot.co.za

Firearm Licensing helpline (members only) - webinfo@natshoot.co.za

General inquiries - member@natshoot.co.za

Natshoot Legal Advice Centre (members only) = legal@natshoot.co.za

 Executive Chair & CEO = herman@natshoot.co.za


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Banking Details

Bank Account - FNB

Account Name: NHSA

Current (Cheque) Account Number 62569381959; 

Branch: Hatfield;  Branch Code: 252-145 

Please always use ID-number as reference



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Office Address

Please make an appointment first if you have to visit the Office

Office Hours: weekdays 08:30 to 16:30

  Brooklyn, Pretoria


Additional Info:

National Hunting and Shooting Association NPC - Registration number:  2015 / 278984 / 08

VAT number:   4110272293