At NHSA we do not communicate with members through third parties due to our adherence to the stipulations of the PoPI Act (Act 4 of 2013) 


Accredited with SAPS as Hunting and as Sport Shooting Association

FAR Nr Hunting - 1300050  -  FAR Nr Sportshooting - 1300088


Video on How to enrol for New Membership

Telephone Numbers:

All NHSA Departments: 087 945 3355

Option 1 – New Membership enrolment- 

Option 2 - Dedicated Status courses -

Option 3 – Renewal of membership - and Shop orders -

Option 4 – Endorsements - and Firearm Licensing helpline -

Option 5 – Postal Shoots & Scores -

Option 6 – Dedicated Status activities -


Office Hours: weekdays 08:30 to 16:30


Contact us per Email with any Query or Question - Click Here


Banking Details

Bank Account - FNB;  Account Name: NHSA;  Current (Cheque) Account Number 62569381959; 

Branch: Hatfield;  Branch Code: 252-145 

Please always use ID-number as reference

NEW MEMBERSHIP: - Please send proof of payment for new membership to 

RENEWAL OF MEMBERSHIP: - Please send proof of payment for renewal of membership to

VAT number:   4110272293


Please always first make an appointment if you have to visit the Office (dial main number - choose options 2 or 4)

Office Address

  1131 Justice Mahomed Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria

(was 411 Charles Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria, before street name & number changes)

(GPS =  25°46`12.57"S | 28°14`56.43"E)

Note: street address is shown wrongly as 411 Justice Mahomed Street on Google Maps


The Office is on Southern side of the street.  Please enter office drive way from Eastern side on Justice Mahomed Street.  Turning right over lanes when coming from the Western side to enter drive way is highly and seriously dangerous, due to high volumes of fast moving traffic.



General Administration =

New Members & Enrolments = 

Dedicated Courses & Status =

Annual Membership & Fees =

Courier Service & NHSA Gear =

Endorsement queries - Firearm licence issues =

Firearm licence issues =

Postal Target Shooting Scores =

Member Pages on the Natshoot Website =

Executive Chair & CEO =

Legal Advisor =



Junior members:      (13-20):   R210.00 (VAT included) - membership for 12 months; no additional fee at enrolment;

Regular members:    (21-59):   R380.00 (Vat included) - membership for 12 months;

First time Enrolment = R380.00 + R230.00 enrolment fee (VAT included) = R610.00

Senior members:      (60≥):   R280.00 (VAT included ) - membership for 12 months; no additional fee at enrolment

Life membership:      All ages:  R12,950.00 (VAT included) - membership for life; no additional fee at enrolment.

* 12 months calculated from the month of joining until the same month the following year.

* NHSA members are automatically awarded Life Membership at 75 years of age.

Cost for dedicated status courses maximum R580.00 (VAT included) for combined dedicated hunter & sport-person course with study material in printed manual format.  Application to be awarded dedicated status on grounds of RPL, R200.00 (VAT included).

 PLEASE NOTE:  NHSA does not allow membership under the age of 13 years, except if there are specific reasons why a parent or guardian of such a minor would want that minor to have membership.  An individual specific written application and communications procedure will be entered into with the parent or guardian when such a minor applies to join NHSA.

NHSA allows members of 16 years and older to enrol for dedicated courses.


Additional Info:

National Hunting and Shooting Association NPC - Registration number:  2015 / 278984 / 08

VAT number:   4110272293