NHSA is focussed on presenting Sport Shooting in a context of a leasure activity through it's In-House Postal Shoots in which we present a total of 51 different exercises catering for all kinds of firearms individuals may hold licences for (from the smallest to the largest) - the focuss is on FUN in sport shooting.

In the context of competition sport shooting, NHSA annually presents its Annual National Postal Target Shooting Competition in which its members partcipate nationally against their peers in age groups - the focussed is on precision shooting to compete and win if possible (at least to compete with our peers).


If you would want to be trained to be a better than average shot, or just be trained so that you are comfortable with your rifle and can use it with confidence - go try it !!:

Contact Sean Pirie (valued NHSA member - like all our members are) who also does marksmanship training - see Add below:


Or contact Andre van der Westhuizen (founding member of NSA - now NHSA) - and see what they do at their long range shooting club - the club is not just for people interested in long range shooting, despite it being their focus - they also do oustanding training for novices in rifle shooting.


Also see the training opportunities presented by the Armour Academy - read Here



Tactical Use of Firearms




Long Range Shooting and Reloading Courses