Shooting Ranges which may be used



What is Practice Target Shooting

All targets shot with the purpose to practice one's shooting skills (shot on any paper target which is NOT a NHSA Postal Shooting Target).  The shooting of these kind of targets are recognised as activities, and are entered on the Activities Page of one's Natshoot Profile Page, under Sport Shooting Related Activity (target shooting).

  NHSA Postal Targets may not be used for Target Practice Shooting.


a.      Members may, world wide, shoot targets for purposes of practicing their shooting skills on any publicly recognised shooting range (in South Africa such a range does not have to accredited with SABS or with SAPS).

b.      Members are required to pay the necessary shooting range fees as specified per the specific shooting range, or as specified by the range for each course of fire.

c.      A list of NHSA Friendly Shooting Ranges is available on the NHSA-website where members may shoot their practice targets.  There is, however, no requirement that members may only use these ranges (see List of NHSA Friendly Shooting Ranges HERE)

d.      Shooting ranges are also not responsible to furnish members with targets or to enter practice targets under a member's activities (in fact they are not allowed to do last mentioned).

e.      However, members are free to use targets they can buy or can acquire at the shooting range, and use those for practice target shooting - always write your name, date, ID number and Range Name on practice targets before entering the target as confirmation document for having completed that specific activity, and ask any person on the range to sign as a witness on the target, confirming that you were on the range on that specific day (see examples HERE).

f.       Members are requested to please ask the ranges where they shoot to register with the NHSA – registration of a range is FREE of charge – other NHSA members in the vicinity of the range would also want to make use of the facility (download Range Registration Form HERE).             

g.      Verifying person / witness = any person from the shooting range staff, another shooter shooting at the range, or an accompanying NHSA member.

If members are unable to realistically access a Publicly Recognised Shooting Range, they can follow the procedure to register a Private Shooting Range as is explained HERE