These prescripts are intended to, at all cost, protect the integrity of the NHSA Postal Target Shooting Events – something we all have a responsibility towards to uphold.

Posted targets will not be accepted at the office, nor will these be posted back to the member, as the electronic submission of target scores has been in full operation since 1 November 2014.

The office cannot enter Emailed scores on a members’ page – please get someone to assist you if you have problems entering scores on your personal Natshoot Member Page (you are always welcome to call the office 087 945 3355 choose option 5 for assistance here).  Or please read the relevant section on the How To Page on the Natshoot website.

Please only use targets dated in the year we are in;  i.e. use targets dated 2018 in 2018, and targets dated 2019 in 2019, and targets dated 2020 in 2020.   Dates on targets will annually change to reflect the year we are in (use them accordingly please).

Members do not have to submit receipts or statements or pics of shooting range registers with their scores.  Just the most up to date target with all fields completely filled out is sufficient.

Note that targets, which were shot with dates older than 6 months from the date of entry of such scores, will not be approved anymore and entries of such scores will be Declined.


NHSA members may only register scores on their Natshoot Member's Page which were shot on official NHSA and exercise relevant targets.  The execution of the exercise must strictly comply with the specific exercise for which the score(s) are entered.

Download the correct and exercise relevant target(s) from the Natshoot website, for the exercise you want to participate in – see Postal Shooting Exercises and Targets.  Each Exercise has its own Target(s) (written at the top of the target) and these MUST be used to shoot the specific exercise, despite other exercises making use of similar looking Targets.  You may not use a target which is not correct for the execise you want to shoot and for which you want to enter scores.

Make sure you read the concise rules for the specific exercise contained on the web page where you download the relevant target(s).  Please make sure you stay within those rules !  

Scores submitted on wrong targets or which do not adhere to prescripts of the rules of the specific exercise will be declined on your personal scores page without explanation (unnecessary time is wasted explaining to members at length why scores have been declined when these do not comply with clearly stated rules on the relevant website page).

You may not colour the centre of a NHSA target of which you want to enter the score as a postal shoot - or place a sticker over the centre of the target - such practice is after all totally against the spirit of equal participation.

Directly after having shot the target(s) make sure you fill out all fields on the target(s): 

Member’s Initials and Surname + ID number; 

Name of Shooting Range – please let range stamp the target if they have a stamp; 

Calibre of firearm used; 

Date on which the target was shot; 

Complete the Statement Block by signing in the required space on each target; 

Score the target in the relevant scoring blocks at the bottom of each target - see How To Score Targets HERE

Let a witness sign the target at the inscription “Witness signature, ID number, Cell Phone & Date” – it can be the person in charge of the range where you shoot, or any person on the range at the same time on which the targets are shot (it confirms the statement you sign).

Scanning of Shot Targets:  Preferably only attach clear PDF-scans of the target(s) before submission (please only attach photo's of targets if you cannot scan in PDF-format) - please be sure to place a coloured page behind the target when you scan them so that the shots can be clearly identified please;

Submit the score of the target(s) on your Natshoot Member Page under Scores (Postal Shoots) on the left side-menu on your Natshoot member page.  Please see the How To page on the Natshoot website if you are uncertain about the procedure to log in to your Natshoot Member Page - Click HERE.  If you are uncertain how to enter scores on your Natshoot Member Page, please Click HERE.

Scores entered with targets of which all fields have not been completed, will be Reviewed with Feedback – obviously these targets can be re-submitted once all fields have been filled out.

Members are requested to please keep their original targets for at least 6 months if need should arise that such targets may be requested by the office for verification purposes as the office may at any time query any score entry.

ENTRIES OF SCORES SHOT ON ONE DAY AUTOMATICALLY REFLECT AS AN ACTIVITY AGAINST MAINTAINING DEDICATED STATUS:  All approved NHSA Postal Shooting scores shot on one occasion, of which the scores have been entered on a member's Scores page, will automatically transfer as one day's approved activity to a member's Activities page against maintaining dedicated status.  Please do not enter postal shooting targets under Sport Shooting Related Activities - the entry will invariably be declined.  Please also do not enter practice targets under Scores on your Natshoot Member Page, as the entry will also be declined.  Sport Shooting Related Target Practice, which can be shot on any NHSA Practice Target or on any other target obtained at a range (or your own practice target) cannot be used for NHSA Postal Target Shooting - see difference between NHSA Postal Targets and NHSA Practice Targets Here

 You can download your continuously updated Activities & Scores Report from your "MY NHSA Documents" page of your Natshoot Member Page.

Enjoy every moment of your target shooting !! 

Remember you are competing against yourself.

Concentrate to better your personal score every time you visit the range.