1 September 2018 to 30 September 2018


4.1          Entry fee is a once off payment irrespective of how many competition exercises you participate in

 4.1.1       Classes for participation for the 2018 Competition (so-called peer groups), are as follows:

  • Seniors & Regular members (male & female): participants 20 years and older = R130.00 (entry fee, R110.50 + R19.50 VAT).
  • Juniors members (male & female): participants 19 years and younger – R100.00 (entry fee, R85.00 + R15.00 VAT).


Junior Class:  19 years and younger: 19 years and younger means that on 1 September 2018 the participant is 19 years or younger

Open Class:  ages between 20 and 59:  20 years and older means that on 1 September 2018 the participant is aged 20 years and older, but not older than 59 years of age.

Senior Class:  60>:  60 years and older means that on 1 September 2018 the participant is aged 60 years and older.

4.2          Banking details

Payment to be made to:

Bank Account - FNB

Account Name: NHSA

Current (Cheque) Account Number 62569381959; 

Branch: Hatfield; Branch Code: 252-145 

Please always use ID-number as reference with payment

Please make payment at entry for the competition.

4.3          Enrol for 2018 Competition (function will be active on members’ Natshoot Profile Page from 08:00 on 15 August 2018).

4.3.1       Go to Natshoot website – click on Member Login button on top of website frame.

4.3.2       Type in your cell phone number as User-ID (no spaces between the numbers).

4.3.3       Type in your full ID number as your password (no spaces between the numbers).

4.3.4       Click on the green Login button to enter your personal Natshoot web page.

4.3.5       On the page “Welcome to the NHSA Member Pages”, click on the left side menu button – National Competition.

4.3.6       On the 2018 Competition page, click on the button Enrol 2018 Competition

4.3.7       Enrol for the 2018 competition and make payment.

4.3.8       Attach the proof of payment at the Browse button with the inscription – Please upload Proof of Payment, you attach the EFT receipt you received from your bank after you had made the payment.

4.3.9       Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

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