NHSA unashamedly supports, and works for, the responsible implementation of a conservation-based sustainable international trade in Rhino horn and in Elephant ivory.  NHSA also supports and works for the conservation of lions through responsible sustainable, ethical and legal hunting of captive bred lions so as to protect the dwindling number of this high value species in the wild.

This page therefore, contains relevant information and links related to the ongoing national and international debate on this highly controversial issue.

The irrefutable proof of the real contribution sustainable use makes to the conservation of species is contained in:  Why sustainable use (hunting) makes a larger contribution to conservation than pure eco-tourism 

The reader can form his/her own opinion on these issues based on the documentation provided below; which, however, does not include emotional, inappropriate, and/or irresponsible green activist points of view.


Official DEA report 2014:  The Viability of Legalising Trade in Rhino Horn in South Africa

Get the facts on Rhino Conservation and understand the need for the opening of the international trade in Rhino horn in order to really conserve the species in especially South Africa (there are vertually no Rhino left in the rest of the world).

See the talk of a man that owns more Rhino than most sub-Saharan African countries have in their nature reserves; the conservation imperative for opening the international trade in Rhino horn

Read Minister Molewa`s reaction to the London Declaration on the issue of the international trade in Rhino horn and Elephant ivory


If you want to save Elephants.  Realistic reaction to the London Declaration of 20 February 2014.

Poaching: Protectionists the Problem ? - Elephant and lions are dangerous and there is no icentive for sub-Sahara Africa`s rural people to want to protect these animals.  Green radicals seem not to understand this fact at all (or they just don`t want to understand due to their inherint and continued imposition of neo-colonialism on the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa).

Read Ron Tomson`s informed opinion on Elephant management in Botswana (April 2014)

Ian McDonald`s explanation on current management system of Elephant in Kruger National Park - also read Ron Thomson`s opinion on Mr McDonald`s position

Also read Ron Thomson on Elephant management in Kruger


How the ban on lion hunting descimated the species in Botswana - see the talk on video - a must see item (a little slow download) 

South African Predator Association (SAPA) position on hunting of captive bread lions (the Bachmann saga)

PHASA 2014 position on hunting of captive bread lions