SAPS' Answer to Natshoot’s Request for Clarity on Processes of Licensing during Lockdown


VOL. 16 (19) - 06-05-2020

SAQA Training Certificates Underwritten by POSLEC or SASSETA or by PFTC

Dear member,

There is still a fair amount of confusion as to the difference between POSLEC, SASSETA and PFTC Statement of Results certificates needed to apply for competency (also to be submitted with each licence application).

1.    What are these training certificates?

1.1   These training certificates are issued under auspces of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) after completing the different unit standards you need for proficiency training to be able to apply to be declared competent to own different types of firearms.

1.2   POSLEC, SASSETA and PFTC are the SAQA underwriting bodies which followed one another confirming the validity of your proficiency training which you did with your training provider

2.    Do these training certificates expire?

2.1   These certificates are proof of official SAQA qualifications a person has achieved and never expires (much like your matric certificate).

3.    How do I get these training certificates?

3.1   One receives a unit standard certificate from your training provider for each unit standard you complete, i.e.:

-   Unit standard Knowledge of the Act

-   Handle and use of a handgun

-   Handle and use of a manually operated rifle

-   Handle and use of a shotgun

-   Handle and use of a self- loading rifle or carbine

Example of proficiency training certificate received from training provider

4.    Unit standard certificate

4.1   Once you have received your unit standard certificate from your training provider (as per above example), it is the responsibility of the training provider to apply to either POSLEC, SASSETA or PFTC, on your behalf, for them to issue the SAQA underwritten certificate stating that you have officially completed the specific unit standard.

4.2   Your training provider must, thus, issue you with your SAQA underwritten certificate (i.e,. POSLEC, SASSETA or PFTC Statement of Results)

4.2   Originally, between 2004 and 2006, these SAQA underwritten training certificates were issued by POSLEC - see example

4.3  Between 2006 and December 2014, these SAQA underwritten training certificates were issued by SASSETA - see example

4.4   As from 06-03-2015, SAPS only accepts a SAQA underwritten training certificate issued by the Professional Firearms Training Council (PFTC), with the heading, Statement of Results - see example

5.    When do I use my certificates received from the training provider and from the SAQA underwriting authority ?

5.1   When applying for Competency at your local DFO(SAPS)

5.2   When applying for renewal of your competency

5.3   When applying for a new firearm licence/s

5.4   When applying for renewal of you firearm licence/s

6.     What do I do if I do not have a SAQA underwritten certificate from either POSLEC, SASSETA or PFTC ?

6.1   Contact your original training provider and ask for either the POSLEC, SASSETA or PFTC Statement of Results documents (depending on when you completed the proficiency training).

6.2   If your training provider cannot give you that certificate, go to a training provider which can prove that s/he is accredited with PFTC and ask him/her to assist you to re-do the units standard relevant to your firearms on a basis of RPL (recognition of prior learning). This in order for you to get the PFTC Statement of Results certificate to hand in with your applications.

6.3   We understand that this (6.2) is not the best procedure, as it means you accept that a training provider might have cheated you.  But it can take months to go through the court to prove that you did not receive the full service you originally paid for.  If the original training provider was in addition also not accredited correctly you will in any case have to re-do the training.  By that time you will most probably have run out of time for submission of your renewal application(s).  You can always take up the issue with the original proficiency training provider after you have your correct documentation.

Please make sure that all your proficiency training certificates are correct

Acceptance of only the unit standard, Knowledge of the Act, during the Transition period

Kind regards

Natshoot Office

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