Where to get Provincial Hunting Licences/Permits


Most Recent Available Hunting Proclamations per Province 

(The previous year`s Proclamation is always a good starting point if one does not have access to the current year`s Proclamation)


Eastern Cape  (2019)

Free State (2017 also valid for 2018)

Gauteng (2018)

Limpopo (2018)

Mpumalanga (2017 - use for 2018)

Northern Cape (2013 Proclamation valid for 2018)

Western Cape (2018)

North-West  Hunting Proclamation 2018  - Apply for Hunting Licences here and here

KwaZulu-Natal (2018)

Post Offices where hunting permits can be bought for Northern Cape

Page 1 (Post Offices in Kalahari)

Page 2 (Post Offices other Provinces)


Hunt Namibia 1 (in Afrikaans only - ou info)

Hunt Namibia 2 (in English only - old info)

Hunt Namibia 3 (in Afrikaans only - ou info)

For importation of meat from Namibia or Botswana, contact:

Mrs Ina Labuschagne (Directorate Animal Health)
Tel (012) 319-7514 / 7632 / 7414 / 7633

Also see: http://www.nda.agric.za/vetweb/

also try:
Dr Sumari Potgieter
State Veterinarian
Import Export Policy Unit
Directorate Animal Health
Department Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
South Africa
Tel 012 319 7684
Fax 012 329 6892