Where to get Provincial Hunting Licences/Permits


2014 to 2017 Hunting Proclamations per Province 

(Those which are promulgated - the previous year`s Proclamation is always a good starting point if one does have access to the current year`s Proclamation)sebra

Eastern Cape  (use the Proclamation attached here)

Free State (2017)

Gauteng (2017)

Limpopo (2018)

Mpumalanga (2017)

Northern Cape (2013 Proclamation still valid)

Western Cape (2017)

North West  Hunting Licences here and here

KwaZulu-Natal - Contact Ihawu Firearm Centre - Click here

Post Offices where hunting permits can be bought for Northern Cape

Page 1 (Post Offices in Kalahari)

Page 2 (Post Offices other Provinces)


Hunt Namibia 1 (in Afrikaans only - ou info)

Hunt Namibia 2 (in English only - old info)

Hunt Namibia 3 (in Afrikaans only - ou info)

For importation of meat from Namibia or Botswana, contact:

Mrs Ina Labuschagne (Directorate Animal Health)
Tel (012) 319-7514 / 7632 / 7414 / 7633

Also see: http://www.nda.agric.za/vetweb/

also try:
Dr Sumari Potgieter
State Veterinarian
Import Export Policy Unit
Directorate Animal Health
Department Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
South Africa
Tel 012 319 7684
Fax 012 329 6892