Download Targets for the Practical of your Dedicated Status Course Below:

Black Powder Handguns or Rifles, or Semi-auto Rifle or Lever Action Rifle Targets are not accepted for practical for the dedicated status courses with NHSA

 Candidates may shoot the required Targets downloaded below at a publically recognised shooting range.  For ease members might want to use one of the ranges mentioned on the List of NHSA Friendly Ranges (click here), but it is not compulsory that you must shoot on one of the ranges on that list.  You must, however shoot on a shooting range.

In the event that you cannot shoot on a publically recognised shooting range, or that it might be too far from you, you may request permission to shoot at a private range - send Email to

  1. State name of private range (farm range) where you can shoot, and why it is absolutely necessary for you to shoot there
  2. Indicate length of range
  3. Indicate who will be the witness when you shoot at that range (give ID number and Cell Phone number)

Candidates must choose which exercise suits them best and then read the prescripts for the exercise and download the relevant target to shoot the practical on.

Candidates must shoot a mark of 60% for the practical to pass.

Candidates may present a handgun or rifle Target for the dedicated sport-person course, or a relevant shotgun score sheet

For the dedicated hunter course candidates may only present a rifle Target or a shotgun score sheet.

Scanned Targets must comply with the relevant sections of the NHSA policy re submission of electronic Scores and Targets as explained in our Newsletter Vol. 12 (11) and in Newsletter Vol 12. (34)

Black Powder Handguns or Rifles or Lever Action Rifle Targets are not accepted for practical for the dedicated status courses

Scan the shot Targets in PDF-format, with all fields completed on the Targets, and upload your target under your dedicated course application.

(Once you've completed your online evaluation, there will be an "action needed" block stating "upload scores" - upload your shot targets there) 

All queries regarding the practical for dedicated status courses, must be directed to

The candidate may only shoot the required Target(s) in accordance with the prescripts of the relevant shooting exercise



 Do not miss this last step in being awarded dedicated status !!

Remember you MUST Apply to be Awarded Dedicated Status after having Completed the Dedicated Course(s)