F-Dedicated Status on Grounds of RPL


One of the corner stones of learner and certification systems worldwide is that prior learning and embedded expertise are formally recognised. This is dependant on documentary evidence of prior learning claimed, because of liabilities associated with the legal right to award dedicated hunter or sport-person certification as NHSA is legally authorised to award.

NHSA will concider awarding dedicated status on grounds of RPL in the following instances:

Submission of documentary proof of Bona fide Hunter and or Sport-shooter Certificate issued by the SAPS in terms of the former Arms and Ammunition Act of 1969;

Submission of documentary proof of the successful completion of the CHASA Hunters Proficiency Test only if practical shooting test has been completed (for dedicated hunter status only);

Submission of documentary proof of Professional Hunter`s qualification certificate issued by an officially recognised PH training organisation or any Provincial Authority in South Africa (for dedicated hunter status only) (for legal reasons the Provincial registration as PH is not acceptable on its own);

Submission of documentary proof of current and valid Dedicated Hunter certificate as issued by SA Wingshooters, SA Hunters , CHASA, or any other hunting association which is accredited with the SAPS (CFR) as hunting association (so-called Section 16 Letters with signature of Commissioner of Oaths affixed compulsory here);

Submission of documentary proof of an European Hunters’ Licence or Certificate issued by a relevant EU government agency, e.g. German Jagdschein or French Hunter`s Licence for dedicated hunter qualification;

Submission of documentary proof of not older than 12 month and valid Dedicated Sport-Person certificate (Section 16 letter) issued by any of the accredited sport-shooting associations, or an equivalent international qualification (i.e. IDPA & IPSC dedicated sport-person status are accepted). 

Only SA Hunters`, CHASA's, and Lowveld Hunters' Dedicated Sports-Person certificates and Dedicated Hunter certificate,  (Section 16 letters) will be accepted if the certificate is not dated in at least the preceding year the application for RPL is made in.

A dedicated sport-person certificate from any other accredited sport-shooting association, which is valid for the 12 months prior to application, will be considered for RPL.


Step 1: Click on Login (top right of Natshoot Website frame)

Step 2:  Enter your cell phone number or email address as the user id and your id number as password (or your own if you had changed the default password)

Step 3:  Click on Recognition of Prior Learning on left side-menu

Step 4:  Click on + Apply for Dedicated Status – top left side of personal pages screen.

Step 5:  Tick all blocks where you have to answer a specific statement or question (do not do this mechanically as quickly as you possibly can, without first reading the contents of each statement, as you are making statements which are legally binding on your person and on the continued legal ownership of your firearms)

Step 6:  Attach a PDF scan of the relevant certificate at the entry for the status you want to apply for RPL.

Step 7:  Make the indicated payment - send proof of payment to [email protected] or attach at bottom of page before you submit application. 

Step 8:  Click on the Submit button - this will enter your application to the office - remember to log out !

You will be notified by Email, of the issue of your Dedicated Status Certificates and that these documents as well as your updated electronic membership card can be downloaded from your My NHSA documents page on your Personal Natshoot Profiel Page.

Currently the once-off administration fee to be awarded dedicated status on grounds of RPL amounts to R200.00 - see the Apply for Dedicated Status page on your Natshoot Profile Page.

Always download all your updated personal NHSA documentation from your Certificates page on your personal Natshoot web page, and attach those to all and any application submitted to SAPS re firearm licences.



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