I enrolled only for the Dedicated Hunter Course

 Remember, Dedicated Status is not firearm or calibre specific.

You do not have to shoot the Practical Section of your Dedicated Status Course with the firearm for which you will apply for a licence in the very near future.

Choose ONE of the Exercises below for which you own a firearm (or have legal access to).

You must shoot a Score of 60% to pass the Practical Section of your Dedicated Status Course.


Click on Exercise to see Rules (you MUST read this) - Click on Target to download Target.

25m, .22 Rimfire Rifle Exercise -  Target  - Only .22S, .22LR or .22Mag 

100m, Centre-Fire Rifle Exercise -  Target   - Only Centre-Fire Rifles in calibres up to .50Cal 

Shotgun Exercises (25 Clays) Score Sheet   - All Calibres & Bores of Shotguns

Air Rifle allowed only if you do not have a .22 Rimfire or Centre-Fire Rifle

20m, Air Rifle Exercise - Download both targets  Target A   Target B