The practical evaluation to attain dedicated status consists of shooting one target to attain Dedicated Hunter Status (score 60%) OR shooting one target to attain Dedicated Sport-person status (score 60%).

If you do the Dedicated Hunter & Sport-Person Course, you must shoot one target for Dedicated Hunter and one target for Dedicated Sport-Person (score 60% for each target).


You may shoot on any publicly recognised shooting range.

See our list of NHSA Friendly Shooting Ranges HERE  (it is not compulsory that you shoot only on the ranges on this list)

If you do not have access to a public shooting range but you have access to a private shooting range, i.e. a range on a farm, follow this procedure to request permission to shoot there please.

Use ONLY the exercises and targets you can download from the links at the bottom of this page - no other exercise or target will be accepted for the completion of the Practical Section of your selected Dedicated Hunter or Dedicated Sport-person Course


1.    Air Pistols and Rifles, and Black Powder Handguns or Rifles are not accepted for practical for the dedicated status courses. 

2.    You may use a Semi-Auto Rifle/Carbine but in the single fire mode only on the targets you can download as indicated below

3.    You may use a lever action rifle but only on the targets you can download as indicated below.

4.    The candidate may only shoot the required Target(s) in accordance with the prescripts of the relevant shooting exercise

5.    If you do not yet own a firearm you may use a firearm of a parent, a friend, or hire one from the shooting range.

6.    Original Dedicated Practical Targets shot as practical for all dedicated courses must be kept by the candidate for three months after date of being shot for purposes of verification by the office if the need should arise.

7.    If original targets are not kept in this manner, and verification cannot be done because the original targets have been lost or thrown away, the candidate will have to re-do the practical section(s) of the dedicated course(es) s/he had enrolled for

8.   The targets, which can be downloaded below, may only be used to attain dedicated status, and may not be used to for Postal Shoots or as Practice Targets under Activities in order to maintain dedicated status. 

Remember you MUST Apply to be Awarded Dedicated Status after having Completed the Dedicated Course(s)

Do not miss this last step in being awarded dedicated status !

Once the candidate has successfully completed the theoretical and practical sections of the relevant dedicated status course(s), the candidate will be notified by Email that s/he may officially download his/her dedicated certificates from his/her Personal Natshoot Member Page (see under My NHSA Documents).

All queries regarding the practical for dedicated status courses, must please be sent to


1.    Targets: Dedicated Hunter Status Course

2.    Targets: Dedicated Sport-Person Course

3.    Targets: Dedicated Hunter & Sport-Person Course