C-Theoretical Evaluation


After receiving the study material via courier or downloaded the study material, the candidate reads through the study material.

The link to the evaluation will only open 7 calendar days after the candidate has received the study material, in order to afford candidates enough time to work trough the study material.

Seven days after having received the study material, the candidate can do the theoretical evaluation by going to the "Dedicated status Course" section on his/her Natshoot Member Page. 

Start the theoretical online evaluation by clicking on the green link on the right side of the page.  

The results of the evaluation will reflect here once the candidate has succesfully finished with the theoretical evaluation.   

Candidates may redo the theoretical evaluation as many times as is necessary to pass (the link will remain in green untill having been successful in completing the theoretical evaluation).

The theory for the dedicated courses is done by way of an online evaluation of 60 minutes (questionnaire compiled out of an interchangeable battery of 278 multiple choice questions - thus no two candidates can complete the exact same questionnaire) - pass mark = 70%

The theoretical evaluation is marked automatically and the result is immediately afterwards visible on the candidate’s Dedicated Course page.  At the office the result is logged on the candidate’s personal data sheet. 

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