A-This is NHSA



Our Members all Conform to High Personal Ethical Standards in Hunting and in Sport Shooting

 Therefore NHSA also stands for Responsible & Accountable Legal Firearms Ownership and the Legal Use thereof


The National Hunting and Shooting Association (NHSA) (Afrikaans: Nasionale Jag- en Sportskietassosiasie) is an Association of South African Firearm Owners. 

NHSA is also Accredited as a Hunting and as a Sport Shooting Association with SAPS.

NHSA has its activities focused on assisting the busy but enthusiastic hunter and/or sport shooter who cannot always participate in the usual structured activities presented by other highly respected hunting and sport shooting associations in South Africa. 

NHSA's processes are by no means easier than that of the other accredited hunting and/or sport shooting associations.  Our processes might be more convenient to participate in and to conform to as they are individual specific and are not conducted in group context on specified days and dates. 

In order for NHSA to be able to at all times protect its accreditations, and thus the legal firearm ownership of our members, we operate strictly with respect for, and inside the legal process, and expect the same of our members.


a.   We advise any prospecting new member to seriously consider NOT TO JOIN NHSA if you cannot be reached electronically via Email (be that on a computer, IPad device, or a Smart Phone), as we ONLY communicate with our members through electronic means.

b.   All your interactions with NHSA must also be done electronically - we have NO capacity to do any work on paper. 

c.   It is also unethical for us to take your money for a service we cannot 100% deliver in your favour.

d.   Please also note that we refuse to communicate with members through third parties due to our adherence to the stipulations of the PoPI Act (Act 4 of 2013)



The persistent rumor that at NHSA everything is much easier, while in reality it definitely is not.  

Our procedures and processes might only be more convenient to follow and to adhere to as it possibly fits in with the time schedule of our members better - yes.  

Our processes prescribe 100% to the law and are in some instances a little more strict than the legal prescript.

We are individual orientated which means our members are in the person responsible for everything regarding their firearms and their hunting and/or sport shooting activities, as we do not have Branches like some of the respected other accredited hunting and/or sport shooting associations in this country, where at least some responsibility is taken in name of the member. 

As our communications are strictly electronic (per Email and/or per our Newsletters and/or per the different pages on our Website), our members must, unfortunately, diligently read all our communications and our regular Newsletters to remain informed and to stay abreast of happenings in the NHSA or regarding firearms, hunting and or sport shooting,  as those are our only communication methods.

Our members must also enter all their postal target shooting scores and their activities themselves on their Personal Member Login Pages.  This in order to keep the cost structure as low as it is.


Members are at all times in charge of all aspects related to their personal legal ownership and use of their firearms as their contact with NHSA is direct and personal (be that in respect of their hunting needs or of their leisure sport shooting needs). 

As we strictly communicate electronically with our members (we cannot handle or work with paper at all), our administrative processes are much faster (our turn around time is 48 hours for any transaction - normal working days). 

Because we refuse to communicate with our members through third parties as is prescribed by the stipulations of the so-called PoPI Act (Act 4 of 2013) re privacy of individuals, our relationship with our members is personal and direct, and specifically focussed on our specific members' needs. 

Members have direct and 24/7 access to their continuously updated NHSA documentation on their Natshoot Member Page via the Natshoot website (see Member Login top of Home Page).  Members also have the continued administrative and legal advisory support of the NHSA at all times. 

In the event that members need direct legal support, our legal advisor who is at the forefront of legal issues pertaining to the FCA, is always to your service at reasonable professional rates should legal action need to be taken.  We are only an email or a telephone call away.  Please feel free to Contact Us


Ons kommunikeer met plesier in Afrikaans per e-pos en per telefoon met ons lede.  Ons beleid is egter dat amptelike kommunikasie in Engels geskied sodat al ons lede, wat alle taalgroepe in die land verteenwoordig, en ook oorsee gebasseer is, ons kommunikasies kan verstaan.  Anders moet ons regverdigheidshalwe al ons kommunikasies in ten minste 12 ander tale ook vertaal.  Ons lae koste struktuur gee ons nie die finansies of die kapasiteit om dit te doen nie.



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